Diaspora Ministry

New Zealand's Growing Mission Field

The ethnic make-up of New Zealand is rapidly changing. It's exciting to hear so many different languages being spoken in the streets. There's a whole new mission field growing on our doorstep and it's providing new challenges for OMF in New Zealand.

We have compiled some statistics on the Asian population taken from the 2006 Census (Statistics New Zealand). Projections show continued steady growth, and show that we must begin to seriously strategise for outreach.

New zealand's increasing ethnic diversity - 2006 census

Ethnic groups in New Zealand (2006 Census)
  • New Zealand's ethnic make-up has continued to change according to 2006 Census results.
  • Of the major ethnic groups in NZ, the Asian ethnic group grew the fastest between 2001 and 2006, increasing from 238,176 people in 2001 to reach 354,552 people in 2006 (an increase of almost 50 percent).
Christian Religion
Other Religions
  • In contrast with the small decrease in people affiliating with Christian religions between 2001 and 2006, there was an increase in people affiliating with non-Christian religions.

All statistics thanks to Statistics New Zealand (www.stats.govt.nz)